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We were purchased by Fauser Energy Resources in 2006, and continue to work with many customers, selling, distributing propane.

Fauser Energy Resources began as Fauser Oil in March, 1950. It all started with a single station purchased by Don Fauser in Elgin, Iowa. Don's DX was the beginning of Don Fauser's career in petroleum.

Paul Fauser, Don's son, came to work full-time for the company after graduating from Iowa State University in 1973. One of Paul's duties during the oil shortages of the 70's was to find supplies to cover the company's petroleum requirements. His success led to expanded services including the supply needs of other oil companies. Thus began the wholesale fuel division of what is now Fauser Energy Resouces.

Growth since then includes the acquisition of a wholesale marketing company in Lincoln, Nebraska in 1989. Fauser Oil Co continued to expand by opening a trading office in Illinois in September of 2000, (now located in Rockford, IL).

Recent Acquisitions established three seperate legal entities, but all are owned by Paul Fauser and managed under the Fauser Energy umbrella. Rons LP Gas Service, LLC and CEF Energy, LLC expand the combined companies bulk delivery capabilities with bulk petroleum storage facilities in North Central Iowa and Central Minnesota. Dawson Oil Co, LLC is a stand alone LP Gas wholesaler and trader, and significantly adds to the storage and trading capablities of Fauser Energy Resources.

The continued growth strengthens our marketing presence in a 12-state area throughout the upper Midwest. We remain a leader in business solutions and dependable market analysis.